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The Expanded Storage Mod adds different new storage containers to Minecraft, allowing players to store more items than ever before.


The mod introduces new storage containers for increased item capacity. While vanilla Minecraft chests can only store 27-item stacks, the various storage blocks added in this mod can store anywhere from 27 to 135 items. This is perfect for players who want more organized, high-capacity storage without taking up too much space.

New Storage Containers:

This mod adds chests, old chests, barrels, and mini chests in various tiers like wooden, copper, iron, golden, diamond, obsidian, and netherite. The higher the tier, the more items each container can store. For example, a standard wooden chest can store 27 items like a vanilla chest, while a top-tier netherite chest can store up to 135 items.

In addition to increased capacity, some containers have unique traits. Golden chests are liked by piglins, obsidian and netherite chests are blast-proof, and netherite chests are also fire-resistant. The old chests don’t have opening animations, which can help improve FPS when many are placed together.

Modeled Chests:

The mod also introduces modeled chests that work just like vanilla chests but can merge vertically and horizontally to form tall, long, and wide double chests.

  • Wooden – made out of wood.
  • Pumpkin – made out of pumpkin.
  • Present – has different gift wrap textures depending on variant.
  • Bamboo – made out of bamboo.
  • Moss – made out of moss, can be bone-mealed to spread.

Mini Storage:

The Expanded Storage has Mini storage blocks that only hold 1 item each but are perfect for compact, decorative storage or giving gifts. Mini chests and barrels come in the same material varieties as their larger counterparts.

Storage Mutator Tool:

To configure chests and other containers, Expanded Storage includes a storage mutator tool. It can:

  • Merge adjacent chests into double chests
  • Split double chests back into singles
  • Rotate storage blocks
  • Change container themes within the same tier

Conversion Kits:

The Expanded Storage Mod Conversion kits allow changing the tier of existing storage blocks in the world. For example, wooden chests can be upgraded to netherite with the proper conversion kit.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, Quilt or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Expanded Storage Mod (1.20.1):