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Iron’s Rpg Tweaks Mod is a mod that adds highly configurable mechanics to Minecraft that transform it into a more RPG-like experience. This mod is split into modules, where each can be turned on or off at will via Server Config (per world).


Combat Module:

The Combat Module removes damage ticks, or invulnerability frames after a player or mob takes damage. The Combat Module also enables the player to configure knockback, attack strength, and disable non-fully charged attacks.

XP Module:

The XP Module replicates a souls-like death experience in Minecraft. Upon death, players will leave an XP Catalyst behind instead of spewing only a part of their levels onto the ground. Returning to the XP Catalyst and claiming it rewards the player with 100% of their lost XP. This adds a new layer of risk and reward to death in Minecraft and makes it more important to stay alive.

Enchanting Module:

The Enchanting Module mystifies enchantments once again. Now, upon finding enchanted gear from looting any chest or killing a mob, the enchantments are hidden — stowed away in their original language — until they can be identified by the player.

Durability Module:

The Durability Module is a major quality-of-life mechanic and utility. It disables vanilla durability usage and instead replaces that mechanic with durability loss on the death of your equipped items. which means that your items will never break from normal use, but they can be destroyed if you die.

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How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
How to install Minecraft Mods.

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