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The First City Mod is a unique mod that opens up the portal in the Ancient City to reveal a whole new mysterious dimension. This mod was specially designed for popular YouTuber MrBeast and his friends to play through and explore. Activating the portal requires obtaining the rare Warden’s Key which can only be acquired by defeating the formidable Warden boss mob. Once opened, there is no going back as the portal cannot be closed again. This mod offers an exciting new adventure but requires careful preparation and the right settings to enjoy properly.

Starting With The Mod:

To access the new content of this mod, players must first collect the special Warden’s Key which drops when killing a Warden in the Deep Dark. This key is used on the new activation pedestal added right in front of the Ancient City’s portal. When used here, the portal will open up to “allow” players to travel through to the mysterious new dimension.

However, before activating the portal, it’s critical to configure both the server and client settings properly for the best experience. The recommended settings are 32 simulation distance, 32 render distance, fancy graphics enabled, and view bobbing disabled. At a minimum, the render and simulation distance must be set to 16 chunks to avoid major rendering issues. The mod creator also suggests enabling flight via server commands (if playing on a server).

In terms of gameplay, players should be equipped with the best gear possible including enchanted diamond armor, weapons, and plenty of food. No Mining in this dimension so pickaxes are not required. For Game rules, it’s also advised to enable immediate respawning and keep inventory so all players can stick together when traversing through the portal. Exploration is the key focus here rather than combat.


The mod gameplay is quite short if you speed-run it (probably can be done in less than 10m) so I suggest trying the mod yourself it’s, definitely worth it!

Opening The Portal:

The First City:

Eternis Dimensional Devourer:

Inside The Eye:

First Part:

Second Part:

Third Part:

Defeating The Boss:


How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download The First City Mod (1.19.3):