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The Modrinth Launcher is a new, open-source launcher that makes it easy to play your favorite Minecraft mods. You can import your existing profiles, manage your mods, and share modpacks with ease and much more!

The login process is straightforward just like any other launcher. it will ask you to authenticate using your Microsft account and you can even add multiple accounts!


Profile Importing:

Modrinth Launcher makes it easier to migrate from other launchers using the Profile Importing function, which makes it easy to import your existing profiles. This means that you can get started with the Modrinth Launcher right away, without having to start from scratch.

Mod Management:

The Launcher also makes it easy to manage your mods. You can install, uninstall, and update mods with a single click.

Share Modpacks:

It also allows you to share modpacks with others. You can build your own modpacks, or you can download mod packs that have been created by other users. It also has a built-in modpack browser, so you can easily find new modpacks to try.


The Launcher is also very performant. It uses just 150MB “Ish “of RAM, so you can even run it on potato machines.

Website Integration:

The Launcher Modrinth is fully integrated with the Modrinth website. Allowing you to access all your favorite projects from the app, and you can also use the website to browse for new mods and modpacks.

Download Modrinth Launcher: