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WitcherCraft Mod (1.20.1) | The Witcher series For Minecraft

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The WitcherCraft mod is a Minecraft mod that brings the world of The Witcher to the game. The WitcherCraft adds new monsters, items, and game mechanics to the game, allowing players to experience the thrill of being a Witcher for themselves.


In WitcherCraft Mod, signs are your magical arsenal. These spells can turn the tide of battle and provide great support. Let’s take a closer look at the five basic signs available:

Yrden: Create magical traps that slow down enemies who dare to enter its range.

Quen: Cast a protective shield upon yourself that absorbs incoming damage.

Igni: Summon a burst of flames to ignite your enemies.

Axii: Temporarily stun your foes with this projectile sign.

Aard: Hurl opponents backward with the force of this powerful projectile sign.

WitcherCraft Mod 20 - FTM


Alchemy is a vital skill for any Witcher, and WitcherCraft Mod faithfully recreates this witchcraft. Craft potions, weapon oils, and bombs to enhance your abilities. Here’s how the Alchemy Menu works:

1-Accessing the Alchemy Menu: Press the B key to open the portable crafting table known as the Alchemy Menu.

alchemymenu - FTM


Potions provide temporary buffs and advantages. WitcherCraft Mod introduces a wide variety of potions to help you. Here are some notable potions and their effects:

Blizzard: Provides increased speed and haste.
Cat: Grants sight in total darkness.
Full Moon: Increases maximum health.


Enhance your weapons with powerful oils to deal more damage to specific enemy types. By applying these oils to your sword, you can gain a significant advantage in battle.
Some of the available oils include:

Vampire Oil
Cursed Oil
Draconid Oil

To apply an oil to a sword all there is to do is to right-click whilst holding oil off-hand and sword in main-hand.


the Mod also introduces a range of bombs that can be crafted using Alchemy. Throw these area-effect projectiles to damage, stun, or disrupt clustered groups of foes.
Some available bombs include:

Dancing Star: Sets entities on fire upon explosion.
Grapeshot: Deals extra damage in a wide radius upon explosion.
Northern Wind: Freezes entities caught in the blast.

Witcher Gear:

WitcherCraft Mod introduces sets of gear from the six Witcher schools, each offering unique playstyles and special effects. Craft these legendary armors using specific diagrams, which can be obtained through looting chests or purchasing from villagers. Here are the available Witcher Sets and their benefits:

-Cat School Gear: Deals increased damage and boosts movement speed.
-Bear School Gear: Passively grants damage resistance at the cost of reduced movement speed.
-Wolf School Gear: Empowers bombs, making them more effective.
-Viper School Gear: Amplifies the power of oils, increasing their potency.
-Manticore School Gear: Extends the duration of potions.
-Griffin School Gear: Reduces the cooldown of signs.

Monsters (WIP):

WitcherCraft Mod 1 - FTM

To learn more about the mod check its official wiki:

How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge icons8 box important - FTM
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download WitcherCraft Mod:

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