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Are you looking for a way to add a little more challenge and excitement to Minecraft? If so, then you need to check out Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry Mod! This mod adds a ton of new content to the game, including 30+ legendary weapons, 5 bosses, new ores, and more.

Items, Blocks & Ores


Blackstone Pedestal: Right-click with Shard of Uncertainty to summon Monarch of Chaos, or Withered Demon Heart to summon Decaying King.

Moonstone Ore & Block of Moonstone: Found on diamond level, used to craft Moonstone tools and armor.

Old Moon Altar: Right-click with Lost Soul to summon The Returning Knight, or Essence of Eventide to summon the Fallen Icon.


Lord Souls: Dropped by the bosses of this mod or from the vanilla Minecraft bosses (Ender Dragon and Wither). Often used to craft legendary weapons.

Lost Soul: A new type of soul that can be used to craft items and summon bosses.

Lunar Ring: Grants the Lunar Herald status effect, which allows you to summon Moonlight beams.

Moonstone Compass: Points to the closest Decaying Kingdom in the Nether or Champion’s Graves structures in the overworld.

Moonstone Tools: Crafted with Moonstone and a single piece of Verglas. Has better efficiency than Diamond, but Netherite is still superior.

Shard of Uncertainty and Withered Demon Hear: Dropped by the Wither boss. Used to summon the Monarch of Chaos boss fight by right-clicking the Blackstone Pedestal. and Withered Demon Hearl Used to summon the Decaying King if used on Blackstone Pedestal.

Enchants & Effects


Fast Hands: Reduces cooldown on Gun Items and draw time for bows.

Posture Breaker (Visceral): Enhances Gun Items. Increases the chance Silver Bullet projectiles have to affect the target with the Posture Break effect. Will have half the chance for arrows.

Stagger: Affects Swords. After attacking a target, there is a chance of Slowing it a moderate amount for a short time, with the chance increasing by enchant level. Heavy weapons, such as The Darkin Blade or Nightfall, have an increased chance by default.


Fear: This effect is applied to the undead when the Dawnbreaker explosion triggers. It relocates their pathing and confuses them with no current effect on players.

Purified Mist: Any mob that is not a player will continually take damage, while players will be healed instead.

Posture Break: Mobs affected by this are Slowed insanely, and are open for an attack. When hit, the mob takes bonus instant damage and then the effect is removed.

Lunar Herald: Holding the left click (or right click based on what’s enabled in the config) will summon Moonlight beams with a high fire rate.

Permafrost: Effects entities as if they were stuck in powder snow, gradually slowing them and then damaging them. When entities die with this effect, they explode in an ice explosion that damages and freezes all nearby mobs.


Moderately Sized Chungus are joke creatures that spawn in the forest at night. They move and attack ridiculously fast, and they drop Chungus Emeralds when killed. These emeralds can be crafted into a music disc.

Forlorn are forgotten elite soldiers that can be summoned with the Soul Reaper. They wield either the Heap of Raw Iron or The Forlorn Scythe, and they can be right-clicked to make them stationary. Forlorn also spawn equipped with the Forlorn armor set, which is equal in power to diamond armor. Hostile Forlorn may spawn in the Soul Sand Valley biome in the Nether.

Soulmass are creatures made of clumped together souls. They can be summoned by the Soul Reaper with at least 30 soul charges, and they protect the owner by using different spells. Soulmass can also be right-clicked to make them stationary, summoning a soul circle above their head that heals them.


The Old Champion’s Remains is a boss that spawns in the Old Champion’s Graves. It is a skeleton figure that has been possessed by another being, namely The Frenzied Shade. The boss’s attacks revolve around whether or not it is guarding with its shield. When in the defensive state, the boss is slower, but it takes reduced damage from all sources. Additionally, the boss has other passive effects, both good and bad.

The Fallen Icon is a fierce empowered version of the Returning Knight that is summoned by using the Essence of Eventide on the Old Moon Altar. When summoned, the Fallen Icon will use the Unbreakable effect, which will affect all nearby players with Weakness, Nausea, and Slowness. The boss does not get any bonus Resistance unlike the Returning Knight, and since the true soul has been returned to the vessel, some of the dark power has been slightly suppressed. This makes the boss unable to reflect projectiles, but it is still immune to them. Upon its death, the Fallen Icon will drop the Essence of Luminescence, which is the crafting recipe for creating the Pure Moonlight Greatsword.

Day Stalker: There are no descriptions for this boss so I assume it’s a hidden one. I tried to get a small video to showcase it’s attacks but I couldn’t even withstand 2 hits so here are two of them fighting each other ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Weapons & Armor

As the mod name suggests, it’s all about Weapons. There are a lot of them to cover one by one. Some of them are cursed, some of them look holy, and each one has its own unique ability and effects. So here are a couple of screenshots to give you the overall vibe of these weapons and armor:

This was just the tip of the iceberg. This mod adds a lot more content than the ones showcased here, so I highly recommend that you check the mod wiki. We also recommend that you add the Better Combat mod.

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, AttributeFix, GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry Mod (1.20.4):