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Swashbucklers! Mod (1.20.1) | Pirate Ships to Battle With!

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Swashbucklers! is a mod that adds new pirate ships to the game. These ships can be used by players to battle each other and since they are faster they are a better option to explore the seas instead of using the boring old boats.

Swashbucklers! Mod Ships:

The ships included in Swashbucklers! mod are:

The Swashbuckler: This is the basic pirate ship. It is small and fast, but not very powerful.

The Upgraded Swashbuckler: This ship is a more powerful version of the Swashbuckler. It has a cannon that can be used to fire cannonballs. (Press H to fire when you have cannonballs in your inventory)

The Raft: This is a small, unarmed ship that is good for exploring with good storage.

The Cutter: This is a medium-sized ship that is good for exploration with a lot of storage.

The War Cutter: This is a powerful ship that is armed with a cannon. It is good for taking on other ships. (Press H to fire when you have cannonballs in your inventory)


The cutters in Swashbucklers! Mod enters a damaged stage when hit. If they take more damage, they will enter a stage where they get destroyed and sink to the bottom. The other ships can also be damaged, but they will not enter a damaged stage. They will sink straight away.


Swashbucklers! Mod Other Features:

The Swashbucklers! Mod adds storage to the ships.

In addition to the ships, the mod also adds the ability to use the hand cannon yourself.


How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Swashbucklers! Mod:

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