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Doctor Who – Weeping Angels Mod is a thrilling addition to Minecraft, bringing the iconic Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who franchise into your world. Players must now face these silent assassins, who can move only when unobserved, posing a constant threat in both the Overworld and underground.

Encountering the Weeping Angels:

These creatures can be found lurking in various locations, including overworld, underground, snow-covered biomes, graveyards, and catacombs. As you travel in the world, keep your eyes open for the distinctive stone statues of Weeping Angels. 

While they remain motionless when observed, the moment you turn away, they come to life, silently stalking their prey.

Gadgets and Strategies:

The Timey Wimey detector proves invaluable in detecting the presence of nearby Weeping Angels, emitting a warning sound when one is within range, and showing the number of Angels around you!

 For direct confrontations, conventional methods like attacking them with swords are ineffective. Instead, players must use a pickaxe or a Chronodyne generator! a throwable that can zap Weeping Angels out of reality! (make sure to keep you distance when using it….)

New Structures:

The Doctor Who – Weeping Angels Mod introduces two new structures to the Minecraft world: graveyards and catacombs. Graveyards can be found on the surface, offering a source of loot but also harboring hidden Weeping Angels. Catacombs, on the other hand, lie deep underground, forming an intricate maze filled with eerie chambers and lurking Weeping Angels.

Decorative Elements:

To enhance the spooky atmosphere, players can craft or discover Weeping Angel statues and coffins. These decorative items can be placed around the world, adding a chilling touch to your Minecraft creations.

Music Discs:

The Doctor Who – Weeping Angels Mod also introduces two unique music discs inspired by the Doctor Who universe.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Doctor Who – Weeping Angels Mod (1.20.1):