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EssentialGUI is a small mod that adds visual elements to Minecraft 1.20.6 to make the player’s life much easier. Adding a lot of new Features from night vision to entity information you will want this mod in your mods folder.

Mod Features:

Mod Menu: F12 unlocks the mod Main Menu. This menu introduces you to a huge amount of information that the mod introduces.

On-screen warnings: Can display warnings on the screen to alert you of low health, low hunger, low oxygen, or if it’s been too long since you last slept (which can lead to Phantoms spawning).

Pointed block information: When you point at a block, Can display information about the block, such as its type, coordinates, and properties.

Pointed entity information: When you point at an entity, EssentialGUI can display information about the entity, such as its type, health, and name.

Player equipment: EssentialGUI can display information about your player’s equipment, such as your armor and weapons.

Extended item tooltip information: Display extended information about items in your inventory, such as food stats, durability, and penalty level.

Disable Pumpkin and Vignette Overlay Textures: EssentialGUI can disable the Pumpkin and Vignette Overlay Textures, which can improve your visibility.

Customize the Status Effects HUD position and duration: This allows you to customize the position and duration of the Status HUD.

Advanced furnace/smoker/Blast furnace: Display advanced information like the status and fuel and cooking progress.

Other features: EssentialGUI also includes a number of other features, such as the ability to zoom in, change the gamma level, toggle smooth lighting, and use a night vision hack.

The EssentialGUI Mod Offers tons of other exciting features to see an extended list with a full explanation of each one check out the Author’s post on Reddit:

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download EssentialGUI Mod (1.20.6):