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Minions Remastered Mod that allows you to create minions to do your bidding. With this mod, you can enlist a horde of little imps to fulfill your desires, be it good or, well, a little on the mischievous side. You can use them to gather resources, mine for you, steal from chests, steal livestock, and cut down trees! 

Master’s Staff:

With the Master Staff in hand, you hold the key to spawn and control your minion army. This mighty weapon grants you unparalleled authority over your mischievous imps. Your minions become an extension of your will, ready to execute your commands to perfection.

Spawning Minions:

To spawn a minion, simply left-click while looking at the ground. A menu will appear that you can navigate by moving your mouse.

As of now, you can only spawn 4 minions at a time.

To banish a minion, simply left-click while looking at him.

Commanding The Minions :

To command a minion, open the same menu as if you were trying to summon it and then select the order. For example the Dig Mineshaft Order:

To stop the current order, open the same menu and hit Stop order.

You can set a container for your minions to dump their loots by opening the same menu and then selecting the Set Container option. The minion will then automatically dump all of its loot into the container.

How to install:

Requires either Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Minions Remastered Mod (1.19.2):