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The Mine Cells mod brings the best of both worlds by combining the popular game Dead Cells with Minecraft. To start, you need to find the portal. Once you have acquired diamonds, the portal will activate automatically, transporting you to the new dimension.

Meet the Mobs:

One of the reasons that this mod standout is its new mobs, which capture the essence of the original game Dead Cells. While most of these creatures are not yet available in survival mode, you can summon them using creative spawn eggs.

Discover New Blocks:

The mod adds a plethora of new blocks to your Minecraft experience, some of which are craftable, while others are only obtainable in Mine Cells’ dimensions.

Face the Challenge of the Conjunctivius:

Lastly, the mod introduces a new boss, the Conjunctivius. You can find her lair in the Prison structure/dimension, and she drops valuable loot like Emeralds, Diamonds, Gold Ingots, and a lot of XP. Stay tuned, as the location of her lair and drops will likely change in future updates.

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, oωo (owo-lib)
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Mine Cells (1.20.1):