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Tired of the same old Steve model in Minecraft? Try Yes Steve Model Mod! This Amazing mod allows you to customize your Steve model, giving you the ability to create unique and personalized player models and animate them as you like.

The Yes Steve Model Mod is a must-have for any Minecraft player who wants to spice up their boring default player model.

You can change the appearance of your Steve texture with this mod, including skin color, hairstyle, and clothing. and almost everything related to animation from walking, running, climbing…The options are limitless, allowing you to design a Steve model that truly represents you.

The mod takes into account the needs of server communities, offering features like automatic synchronization of the player models, encrypted model files to prevent theft, and model permission options It includes the default Steve and Alex models for the boring ones and it comes with a simple customization feature with easy to use GUI, making it simple for Model or Textures switching.

to open the Mods GUI shortcut key Alt + Y (Default shortcut) :

as you can see the GUI is simple to use with a straightforward design to help the play switch between models with ease, The GUI consists of :

  1. Model switching button: Click to switch to the corresponding model. If the icon in the upper right corner of the button is red, it means the model is not authorized. The number in the icon represents the number of textures that the model can switch.
  2. Textures switching button: For models with multiple textures, click the left and right buttons to switch the model texture.
  3. Model category switching button: You can switch between all models, authorized models, and vanilla models (currently only Steve and Alex models)

New models are available!

To find out more about the mod and how to create your own custom model check out the author wiki :

I do not own any of these models’s full credit goes to 烈鸟比百 (Please check him out he makes amazing models) 
Download the Models showcased at the start:

The new models:

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Yes Steve Model Mod (1.20.1):