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The Landmines Mod is all about mines! With a vast assortment of landmines at your disposal, you’ll be able to create unique traps, launch unsuspecting players and mobs into the air, teleport them around, and even cause some mayhem with potions and lightning.


Explosive Landmine:

Boom! The Explosive Landmine detonates when triggered, packing a powerful punch.

Potion Landmine:

The Potion Landmine tosses a splash or lingering potion when triggered, making tactical warfare a breeze. Plus, it’s reusable, so keep those potions coming!

Fire Landmine:

Armed with a fire charge, the Fire Landmine sets players and mobs ablaze upon activation. Its reusability ensures fiery fun for everyone!

Launch Landmine:

Launch into the skies with the Launch Landmine! Trigger it to soar high above your enemies, leaving them in awe.

Levitation Landmine:

Give your foes a taste of weightlessness with the Levitation Landmine. Activate it, and they’ll be floating gently upwards in bewilderment.

Lightning Landmine:

Bring the wrath of thunder with the Lightning Landmine. Once triggered, lightning strikes down upon unfortunate souls.

Teleportation Landmine:

The Teleportation Landmine demands chorus fruit to operate. Watch as players and mobs are whisked away to different locations.

Snow Landmine:

Create a winter wonderland with the Snow Landmine. Upon activation, it spawns a blanket of snow, adding a chill to the battlefield.

Arrow Landmine:

The Arrow Landmine shoots out arrows like a well-aimed archer. Keep those arrows stocked and ready for action!

Zombie Landmine:

Need some backup? The Zombie Landmine summons zombies to fight on your behalf. Trigger it to unleash the undead.

Fake Landmine:

Deception is key! The Fake Landmine appears as an Explosive Landmine, but it’s all a ruse – nothing happens when triggered.

Arming Your Landmines:

Setting up a landmine is a piece of cake:

1-Place the landmine on the ground.

2-If required, add the necessary item by right-clicking the landmine.

3-To arm it, simply shift right-click the landmine.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, Quilt or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API, SuperMartijn642’s Config Lib, SuperMartijn642’s Core Lib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Landmines Mod (1.20.4):