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One Key Miner Mod is a mod that adds the ability to chain tools to break blocks while sneaking. As long as one block is destroyed, adjacent blocks are destroyed together. This can be a huge time saver, especially when mining large areas.

commands :

To make the most out of the One Key Miner Mod, familiarize yourself with the following commands:
/onekeyminer screen
Display the mod’s screen. Please note that this command works exclusively in singleplayer and on LAN servers. Additionally, only the player who initiated the LAN server can utilize this command.

/onekeyminer limit
View the current limit, which is set to 64 blocks by default.

/onekeyminer limit
Set the maximum number of blocks that can be mined with a single action. Be cautious not to set it too high, as it may result in performance issues.

/onekeyminer list
Retrieve a comprehensive list of blocks currently assigned to a specific tool. Choose from AXE, HOE, PICKAXE, SHOVEL, SHEARS, or ANY.
Add or remove a block from the tool’s assigned list. Specify the tool type (AXE, HOE, PICKAXE, SHOVEL, SHEARS, or ANY), the action (ADD or REMOVE), and the block you wish to modify.

How To Add Blocks To The Blocks List :

We have as an example the new cherry log add in the latest Minecraft update and it’s not added to the block list yet.

starting off by opening the one key miner screen using the /onekeyminer screen command and selecting the axe option

after that, we click add and search for the cherry log block

after clicking add again we notice that the block has been added to the list

now the One Key Miner Mod will work in the cherry tree

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download One Key Miner Mod (1.20.5):