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Scorchful Mod is a unique survival mod that enhances the game experience in warm biomes like deserts, savannas, and badlands, as well as in the Nether. Inspired by the harsh environments depicted in the Dune franchise, this mod adds new challenges and mechanics focused on heat and desert survival.

Keeping Wet and Staying Cool:

Scorchful Mod makes exposure to the sun more hazardous in warm areas of the world. When outside the protection of shade, players will gradually overheat. As they get warmer, they’ll face increasing effects of heatstroke, including weakness, hunger, and mining fatigue.

To overcome the heat, players must stay wet by swimming in bodies of water, dunking themselves with buckets, or drinking from water sources like potions, water bottles, certain foods, or the new future armor and cactus juice.

Staying hydrated allows players to sweat, providing a cooling effect similar to being wet.

Enhanced Nether Survival:

The mod introduces new perils to the extreme environment of the Nether. Due to the intense heat, water cannot remain in its liquid form easily.

To stay cool, players must carry their own water supply or utilize the nether lillies found in the Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, and occasionally the Nether Wastes. Crimson lillies have evolved to absorb moisture from the surrounding Netherrack, which can be used as a quick soak for players. The more tame Warped Lillies can be harvested for water, aiding in long-distance Nether traversal.

Scorchful Mod Sandstorms:

The mod brings sandstorms to deserts and badlands during weather events. These sandstorms reduce visibility but also block the heat of the sun.

However, they’re not just a visual effect. During sandstorms, sand piles accumulate, and exposed cauldrons fill with sand.

Combat and Future Plans:

While the initial release of Scorchful focuses primarily on survival aspects, there are some light combat elements. Setting mobs and players on fire quickly warms them up, making extinguishing the fire crucial. Splash potions can also wet players, providing a quick way to soak themselves during combat. The mod developers plan to expand on combat mechanics in future updates.

How to install:

Requires either Fabric or Quilt
Dependencies: Fabric API, Thermoo, Cloth Config API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Scorchful Mod: