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Alex’s Caves – Eruption Update is a major new content update for the popular Alex’s Caves mod that adds exciting new biomes, structures, mobs, items, and more. This article will provide an overview of most futures included in this highly anticipated update.

Introduction The Eruption Update:

Alex’s Caves is one if not the most immersive cave mods for Minecraft, transforming underground exploration into an adventure like no other. The Eruption Update takes the mod to new heights by introducing new content to the two cave biomes – the Primordial Caves and Toxic Caves. These dangerous new environments are home to epic volcanoes, radioactive wastelands, and powerful mythological beasts.

Primordial Caves Biome:

The highlight of the Primordial Caves biome is the new Volcano. This is a massive pool of lava with a towering spire of blackstone in the center. To trigger an eruption, you’ll need to craft an Ominous Catalyst using Heavy Bones and Amber Curiosity, then throw it into the volcano’s caldera to start the apocalypse!

This eruption will summon the epic Luxtructosaurus boss. This behemoth has tons of HP and hits like a truck and will mercilessly attack any nearby players and mobs and if that is not enough it will stomp the ground and destroy trains on its way. Defeating it drops Tectonic Plates which are used to craft powerful new items.v

When the Lux Structus is defeated, Atlantitans will spawn. These are friendly, rideable versions of the Luxtructosaurus that can be tamed with Serene Salad. They can crush terrain with stomp attacks, making them incredible mounts for caving and combat.

Also, the Tectonic Plates dropped by Lux Structus can give dinasores within the cave a new skin

Toxic Caves Biome:

The Alex’s Caves – Eruption Update introduces a new item, The Tremorzilla eggs that can be incubated in the Toxic Caves, but only hatch when detonated by a nuclear explosion.

The baby Tremorzilla can be tamed with Waste Drum, becoming a devastating battle pet. and to speed up its growth you can feed nucluere bombs Tremorzilla can be ridden when fully grown, shooting radioactive laser beams, bitting, and swiping with claws.

New Weapons, and Enchantments:

In addition to deadly dinosaurs, Alex’s Caves – Eruption Update introduces a huge selection of new weapons, and enchantments themed around the Primordial and Toxic biomes.

Some highlights include the Extinction Spear which summons dinosaur spirits to attack your foes.

and with tons of new enchantments, you can customize your arsenal with incredible abilities. For example, the Radioactive Raygun with the Gammaray enchantment will turn it blue and blast enemies with more radiation damage.

Or the Orthall Lance has other enchantments like the tsunami enchantment which summons tsunami waves from the Abyssal Depths.

and the sea stuff with the Enveloping Bubble enchantment allowing you to suffocate your enemy.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: Citadel
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Alex’s Caves:

Check out our post about the Alex’s Caves for Download link and enjoy the Eruption Update: