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The long awaited mod is Fainly here “Alex’s Caves Mod”! A unique forge mod for Minecraft that adds 5 new cave biomes to the Overworld: the Magnetic Caves, the Primordial Caves, the Toxic Caves, the Abyssal Chasm, and the Forlorn Hollows. These biomes are all exceedingly rare but contain a variety of unique blocks, items, mobs, and mechanics that make them worth exploring. Creating a new exciting adventure within Minecraft, and making sure you will never get bored!

Getting Started:

Finding an Underground Cabin:

To start on your journey through Alex’s Caves, your first step is to locate an underground cabin. These subterranean structures can be found in most Overworld biomes and are your gateway to the hidden wonders below. Inside these cabins, you’ll discover a Spelunkery Table and a barrel filled with Cave Tablets. There’s also a chance to stumble upon a copy of the Cave Compendium, a valuable guide for your exploration.

If you’re having trouble finding an underground cabin, head toward the nearest abandoned mineshaft, where you might discover a map leading you to one. Cartographer villagers can also occasionally offer Underground Cabin Locator maps to assist you in your quest.

 Within underground cabins you will find The Spelunkery Table It allows you to translate Cave Tablets into Cave Codices to start your search for the different Alex’s Caves, make sure to also not forget about the barrels in the cabins where you can find Cave Tablets and there are 5 of them one for each cave.

How to Research with the Spelunkery Table:

To start this process, place a tablet and a piece of paper on the table and guess the correct word using clues.

First, select at random one of the hidden words now you can see the word clearly with the Magnify Glass. If you get lucky you will unlock multiple letters from the words which will make finding the correct word easier. For example, in this try we got lucky and the first hidden word that we selected contained 2 letters “A” and “S” which are part of the word “WASTE” that we are looking for and both of those letters are next to each other making it even more easier to look for.

Now we simply look for symbols that are the same as the two letters and are next to each other

Be cautious, though, as you have only five guesses per level, and three levels are required to produce a cave codex. The cave tablet will be lost if you fail at any level or interrupt the translation process.

Using the Cave Codex:

Once you’ve successfully researched a Cave Codex, you have two essential uses for it. By simply holding the item in your main hand and left-clicking, you can unlock additional information about the biome in the Cave Compendium. This information is organized into four chapters, covering General, Resources, Inhabitants, and Utilities. However, once all four chapters have been unlocked, the codex no longer adds new information to the compendium.

Cave Codex also serves another important purpose: they can be crafted into Cave Biome Maps.

Cave Biome Maps:

These maps help you locate the nearest biome of the codex’s type.

Since the biomes introduced by Alex’s Caves Mod are rare, these maps may take some time to load and will display ellipses on their texture during the process. If your desired biome is too far, the map will warn you that it cannot be found nearby and you just need to keep exploring until the map finds one.

Once your map is loaded, the maps indicate your rotation relative to the targeted biome and it will lead you to your desired destination. Beware, the journey may be long and perilous, but the rewards are well worth the effort.


Now that we’ve reached our destination, it’s time to descend into this underground world. Be prepared, even though we’re armed with the knowledge from the Cave Compendium. There’s no telling what awaits us below.

We’re turning off shaders, as the mod author recommended. We also won’t be going into details, just a general overview of the caves so you can enjoy and experience the mod for yourself as spoilers wouldn’t do this mod and all the work put into it any justice.

Magnetic Caves:

The Magnetic Caves beckon with their eerie, dimly lit terrain, adorned by mesmerizing neodymium crystals. Deep within, shadows dance and mysterious entities stir, while the very air hums with latent energy.

Primordial Caves:

The Primordial Caves, where time itself appears frozen. Overhead, Ambersol clusters cast an otherworldly glow on vast underground expanses teeming with ancient life. Here, the ambient light holds secrets, and a haunting yellow fog veils the enigmatic surroundings, echoing with distant calls of bygone creatures.

Toxic Caves:

The Toxic Caves breathe with a muted, ominous presence, shrouded in darkness, where eerie echoes and rumbling undertones whisper secrets of their origin. As if forged from the depths of chaos, this biome evokes an uncanny sense of death.

Abyssal Chasm:

Beneath the surface oceans, the Abyssal Chasm awaits. A world submerged in aquatic mysteries, where Tube Worms sway in hidden ruins, and the Deep Ones guard their domain. As you delve deeper, the mysteries of this underwater realm will unfold in strange and captivating ways.

Forlorn Hollows:

The Forlorn Hollows emerge from the depths, shrouded in darkness, and teeming with malevolence. A foreboding presence lingers, and as you navigate through the terrain of Guanostone, the ominous Underzealots watch, seeking sacrifices to further their sinister designs.

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How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: Citadel
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