Home Miscellaneous Top 10 Best Seeds For Building In Minecraft 1.19!


Coordinates (-319,80,-19)

An island with a perfect circle, you can build inside the island and have bridges extend throw the river !!


Coordinates (-4607,70,-720)

A heart-shaped island <3, and not just one but two to build for you and you partner your dream base .


Coordinates (144,120,819)

A sinkhole swallowed the ground and created this amazing spot with a ravine cutting the middle.


Coordinates (-892,130,-1610)

A small island with a unique shape where you can build a multistore base.


Coordinates (580,256,322)

A max height snowy mountain with a wide surface to give you the freedom that you need.


Coordinates (Spawn)

Surrounded by a huge mounting and villagers scattered around. With this one the possibilities are endless.


Coordinates (-179,130,-311)

This seed have one of the largest lakes ever found in Minecraft. And there is even a village facing the lake!


Coordinates (Spawn)

This seed will spawn you straight inside a lush cave. And it might be a bit hard to terraform it but it will definitely be worth it.


Coordinates (Spawn)

Spawn in a large enclosed flower forest rounded by snowy mountains and an amazing view of a lake.


Coordinates (-185,173,-485)

You can’t go wrong with this one whether you want to build in the middle island or On the side, the outcome will be good.