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NeoForged Project | Moded New Beginning or Catastrophic Collapse?

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NeoForged Project is a hard fork of Minecraft Forge, a mod loader for Minecraft. It was created by the original Minecraft Forge team, minus LexManos, who is no longer involved with the project. NeoForged is intended to be a more stable and performant version of Minecraft Forge, with a focus on fixing bugs and improving compatibility with other mods.

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About the NeoForged Project

The project was announced on February 14, 2023, and the first release was made available on March 1, 2023. NeoForged is currently out for Minecraft 1.20.x

Here are some of the key differences between NeoForged Project and Minecraft Forge:

  • NeoForged is a hard fork, which means that it is a completely independent project. This means that NeoForged will not be compatible with mods that are only compatible with Minecraft Forge.
  • NeoForged is intended to be more stable and performant than Minecraft Forge. This is because the team has had the opportunity to fix bugs and improve compatibility with other mods.
  • NeoForged is still under development, so there may be some features that are not yet available. However, the team is committed to making NeoForged the best possible mod loader for Minecraft.

The Drama Surrounding NeoForged Project

The Minecraft modding community has been rocked by this recent fork of Minecraft Forge and as we said before the cause for This new project, created by Almost all of the original team of Forge was LexManos after they became tired of his toxic behavior.

LexManos has been a problem in the modding community for many years. He has been known to verbally abuse other modders, and ban people from Discord servers for trivial reasons. As quoted by cpw:

“Lex has been a problem in the modding community for many, many years. Almost every veteran minecraft modder has had a negative interaction with him over the past 12 years. I have, when able to, tried to steer people to not abandon Forge just because of Lex – defending him in many a private conversation with a frustrated modder who’d just been called a “C**t” for 1,000th time by Lex, or banned from our online spaces for a trivial transgression like discussing Fabric or coremods.”

The original team felt that they could no longer work with Lex, and that the best way to protect the community was to fork the project. They took control of the Discord server, created new branding and assets, and began working on a new version of Minecraft Forge that would be free from Lex’s toxic influence.

Here is another quote from cpw about his opinion in this matter:

“I want to be clear, this is my opinion and perspective. Others will have their own opinions, and they may differ in the details, but I believe this is the best possible future for the project as a whole.”

The NeoForged project is still in its early stages, but it has already received a lot of support from the modding community. Many modders have expressed their excitement about the project, and they are looking forward to helping it grow.

What does the future hold for NeoForged?

The future of NeoForged Project is uncertain, but the project has a lot of potential. The team is passionate about creating a better modding experience for the community, and they have the skills and experience to make it happen.

If NeoForged is successful, it could have a major impact on the Minecraft modding community. It could provide an alternative to Minecraft Forge that is free from LexManos’ toxic influence. It could also inspire other modders to create their own projects.

Only time will tell what the future holds for NeoForged. However, the project is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

If you Want to download and install Neoforged check out our post for more details:

Check out the Neoforged Project website for more details about the project:

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