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Scorched Mod adds impactful additions and enhancements to the Desert and Badlands biomes in Minecraft. While maintaining the harsh and unforgiving nature of these environments, the mod provides new rewards, resources, structures, mobs, and world-generation features to make exploring these biomes exciting and rewarding.

Mod Features:

One of the most noticeable changes is the improved desert pyramids, now brimming with magical glows and containing complex interior layouts.

To access the secret treasure basement guarded by bindings and golems, players must explore the pyramid thoroughly to find three hidden frame pieces that can be assembled to create a passageway downstairs.

The dangerous Badlands biome also contains its own larger pyramid variant filled with flames and containing superior loot compared to its desert counterpart but of course harder to get to.

Two new threatening mobs also inhabit Scorched Mod’s deserts and badlands. Sandcrawlers prowl the sands, using their ability to burrow swiftly through the sand to ambush unwary travelers. However, they move slower when not submerged.

Pyramid golems relentlessly guard basement treasures and can only be temporarily deactivated by splash water bottles.

The mod also has Ten new well designs containing cave loot can be found scattered throughout deserts and Badlands.

Lush patches of grass, flowers, water, and azalea trees known as desert oases also occasionally generate, providing a sanctuary rich in wood and plant life. Badlands receive smaller lush pockets amidst the dry earth and open terra cotta expanses.

Scorched Mod also improves vanilla world generation. Cactus patches generate larger and more plentifully.

Dead bushes appear less frequently so as not to overwhelm the landscape.

The frequencies of other desert and badland features get tweaked and balanced as well. Scattered oak trees, while rare, can provide lifesaving scraps of wood when needed.

For variation, wooded badlands receive expanded dark oak forest sections. New sparse badlands biomes feature far fewer trees, modeled after real-world eroded and washed-out environments.

Beach sand crabs hide underground too, rewarding bones, iron, and treasure when dug up. Their locations are indicated by small sand particles spurting from the dunes.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, Quilt or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Scorched Mod (1.20.4):