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Better Days Mod is a Minecraft mod that alters the vanilla sleep mechanic to provide a smoother and more natural transition to morning. This mod optionally replaces the default sleep function with accelerated time passage while players are in bed. In multiplayer, time progresses faster based on the percentage of players currently sleeping. This removes the need for sleep voting systems by allowing any number of players to impact night duration.


The mod allows for customization of the day-night cycle length. Rather than the default 20-minute cycle, you can slow time to match real-world days or speed up nights for a more forgiving gameplay experience. The mod provides independent control over day and night durations.

In addition to adjustable time cycles, Better Days offers various time effects that can be enabled to match the passage of time. These options include accelerating crop growth, grass growth, weather changes, potion effects, furnace speeds, hopper speeds, and more. Most time effects are disabled by default but can be activated through config settings.

By replacing the vanilla sleep mechanic, the Better Days Mod creates a smoother and more natural transition to morning in both single-player and multiplayer Minecraft. Players have more control over the day-night cycle for customized gameplay. Optional time effects can further match the in-game passage of time to provide an improved experience. With customization options and the removal of sleep voting systems, Better Days alters sleep to be less disruptive.

The mod is highly configurable, you can open the config in the mod menu.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Better Days Mod (1.20.1):