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[RPG Series] Archers Mod (1.20.1) | Become Robin Hood

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Archers Mod allows players to truly master the art of archery and feel like Robin Hood in Minecraft. This extensive mod adds new skills, equipment, structures, and more to make your archer dreams a reality.

[RPG Series] Archers Mod Features:

The core feature of Archers Mod is the archery skill tree. Find a Spell Binding Table in village gazebos or craft your own to create an Archery Manual.


This archer spellbook contains abilities like Power Shot, Entangling Roots, and Barrage. Level up your skills to become a master archer. These abilities work with all bows and crossbows from vanilla Minecraft or other mods.


Make sure to place the spell book in its correct slot to be able to use these spells.

In addition to new skills, Archers Mod provides new ranged weapons and armor. Craft an arsenal of spears, bows, and crossbows with varying stats and characteristics. Wear armor pieces like the Archer’s Vest that provide bonuses to your archery abilities. All equipment is configurable in the mod’s JSON files.


To get new gear, you can either craft them or explore dungeon chests which now contain powerful archery loot. Loot tables are configurable.

For even more archery control, craft the Auto-Fire Hook. This gadget can be attached to any bow or crossbow to automatically fire a volley of fully charged shots while holding down the use button. Never worry about timing your shots again.

Archers Mod also rebalances vanilla Minecraft’s archery enchantments to be more in line with melee enchantments. Power enchantments now provide +8% damage per level instead of a flat 50% boost. Quick Draw reduces crossbow draw time by 10% per level rather than 20%. And Infinity is available on crossbows by default. All tweaks are configurable.


The mod also adds Archery Range structures to villages where you can trade emeralds for arrows, bows, and armor.

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How to install : 

This mod requires Fabric
Mod Dependencies: Fabric API
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Archers (RPG Series) Mod:

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