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The Dawn Era Mod introduces a variety of prehistoric creatures into Minecraft. From passive mobs like the worm to aggressive dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, this mod transforms the game into a lost world of dinosaurs.


One of the first mobs added is the pond snail. This gentle snail slowly moves around rivers.

Another passive mob is the worm, a small insect that moves through the landscape. The worm has no real function but can be killed for food. Eating it will give the player nausea.

In rivers and oceans, players can find elegant Sturgeon swimming gracefully. Sturgeons are fully passive and coexist peacefully with other mobs.

The Coelacanth is another peaceful fish. Schools of Coelacanth fish swim through ocean biomes, showcasing their teamwork while hunting down fish.

Next the Mixosaurus, a marine reptile that swims alongside other ocean creatures and sometimes hunts them down. Its graceful movements and its way of leaving a trail while boosting itself in preparation to jump out of the water is a sight to be held.

Among the other aquatic mobs is the Sabertooth Salmon, a fast fish that inhabits frozen rivers. it hunts down other fish and sometimes players if provoked.

The alligator Gar is another neutral aquatic creature that brings a sense of danger to the oceans it inhabits. Its formidable appearance hints at what forgotten beasts lurk beneath the waves.

Dunldeosteus is an ancient fish that patrols the depths as a neutral mob. Since it is a neutral mob, it will go around hunting other fish and only attack if attacked first. But unlike other aquatic mobs from This mod, this one is tameable with bones allowing you to mount it underwater and attack with its devastating bite.

On land, the Struthiomimus flees when approached but will fight back if attacked. This dinosaur can be tamed by dropping raw meat for it to eat.

Soaring short distances is the neutral Dimorphodon. This reptile spends much of its time on the ground despite having wings. It can also be tamed with raw meat.

Psittaccisaurus are peaceful grazing dinosaurs that can be tamed with leaf blocks.

Among the first hostile mobs is the Diabloceratops, an aggressive horned dinosaur, it will leave you alone if you keep your distance but once you get closer it will show aggression by shaking its head and emitting particles. It takes skill and strategy to tame this creature by dropping leaf blocks near it while backing up. Once tamed, a saddle and armor can be crafted to ride it into battle.

The Dawn Era is in its early stages and its not 100% compatibal with shaders so you might face a few visual bugs while using it.

The mighty Triceratops just like the Diabloceratops will show its annoyance by shaking its head and emitting particles at first and then charging with its powerful horns if provoked. By dropping leaf blocks, it can also be tamed. When riding the Triceratops, players can initiate a charge attack and roar using stamina.

Stalking the Savana is the dangerous Ceratosaurus. As a fast carnivore, it deals substantial damage and can be tamed with raw meat. A saddle enables riders to mount it and armor can be crafted to protect it.

But the ultimate predator is the Tyrannosaurus Rex – this apex predator dominates the landscape. With tremendous strength and speed, defeating a T-Rex requires great skill. Upon taming and saddling this beast, players can unleash devastating attacks including its bone-crushing bite.

The mod also have eggs for each one of the added mobs.

The mod adds a few items such as Inspecting Spyglass giving you the ability to check the status of mobs

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
How to install Minecraft Mods.

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