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Are you tired of resorting to redstone as a stand-in for Blood in Minecraft? It’s time to break free from that! Introducing the Horror Elements Mod that adds a variety of horror-themed elements to the game, including custom blocks and items.

Mod Overview:

Horror Elements Mod was created because its author was tired of using redstone as a replacement for blood in Minecraft. leading him to add new horror elements to the game. The mod currently adds:

45 Custom Horror-Themed Elements: Dive headlong into a palette of 45 terrifying designed models.

We got beheaded corpses!!

More corpses!

and setting corpses.

and even hanging and impaled corpses!

Oh, and a pig :D

The mod also adds more blocks with a scary and gory atmosphere.

and let’s not forget about the heads!

14 Blood Types: The mod also offers a selection of 14 blood types. No more redstone blood!

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Horror Elements Mod (1.20.1):