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[Let’s Do] BloomingNature Mod overhauls nearly all Vanilla Minecraft biomes by replacing features with new shapes trees, new tree variants, flowers, and much more. It also adds a few more animals. The goal was to make the world feel wilder, overgrown, and more alive.


Overhauls most biomes except Badlands, Mushroom Islands, and Deserts

Replaces Old Growth Birch Forest with Aspen Forest

Replaces Old Growth Pine Taiga with Larch Forest

26 new flowers including Bluebells and Foxgloves

New animals like Turkeys, Deers, and more

New blocks like Quicksand, Marsh Blocks, and Forest Moss

New stone variants Laterite and Travertine


Removes Chickens from Forest, Savanna, Jungle – replaces with Turkeys

Removes Cows from Forest, Savanna, Jungle – replaces with Bisons

Removes Pigs from Forest, Savanna, Jungle – replaces with Boars

Beach Pelicans can now be found on beaches

BloomingNature only changes vanilla features by removing or replacing them. It doesn’t alter world generation or biome placement. Apart from farm animal replacements, the new animals don’t drop anything special – their purpose is to make the world more immersive.

Resources & Animals Locations:

Travertine is a new stone variant added by the mod. It generates primarily in River and Plains biomes. Keep an eye out for the distinctive beige-colored blocks near waterways and open areas. Travertine can be mined and used for building and crafting.

Another new stone, Laterite, is generated exclusively in Jungle biomes. Look for the deep red blocks in jungle terrain. Laterite stands out well against the lush greenery.

Both Travertine and Laterite offer new options for construction materials.

Many new animals have specific biomes they inhabit:

Deers, Turkeys, and Owls – Forests

Boars – Forests and Savannas

Raccoons and Squirrels – Plains

Red Wolves – Larch Forests

Pelicans – Beaches

Mossy Sheep and Muddy Pigs – Swamps

Bisons and Boars – Savannas

Termites have a small chance to spawn near Termite Mounds, which generate in Savanna biomes.

Lastly The mod is compatible with various world-generation mods like Terralith, Meadow, Beachparty, and more.

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How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, Quilt or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API, [Let’s Do] API, Architectury API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download [Let’s Do] BloomingNature Mod (1.20.1):