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Laendli Transport Mod introduces a delightful assortment of ‘turn-of-the-century’ vehicles, weapons, and cosmetics & gear each designed to enhance your exploration and travel endeavors across land, sea, and air. With a nod to the sci-fi aesthetics of the early 1900s, this mod captures the charm of old adventure tales and adds a hint of mystery to your world.


The mod offers an impressive selection of vehicles that will transport you in style and grace. These include:

-Basic Motor Coach: A versatile and reliable vehicle for all your transportation needs.

-Freight Motor Coach.

-Travel Motor Coach: Explore distant lands with this specially designed motor coach.

-Half Track Offroad Vehicle + Cargo Sleigh: Conquer rough terrains with this offroad vehicle and its accompanying cargo sleigh.

-Roller Engine:

-Airship: Soar through the skies on this majestic airship, inspired by the wonders of early air travel.

-Cloud Coupé: Glide among the clouds in this elegant and whimsical flying machine.

-Steam Boat: Cruise along rivers and lakes with this classic steam-powered boat.

-Cruise Steam Boat: Experience luxury and comfort on the water with this lavish steamboat.


Prepare yourself for any challenge that comes your way with the mod’s arsenal of weapons and tools.

Weapons List
  • Pistol: A trusty sidearm for close encounters.
  • Machine Repeater: Unleash a barrage of firepower with this rapid-firing weapon.
  • Marksman Rifle: Take aim and deliver precise shots with this long-range rifle. Press R to aim.
  • Carbine: A reliable firearm for all-purpose combat situations.
  • Shotgun: Spread devastation with this close-quarters weapon.
  • TNT Launcher: Rain explosive chaos upon your enemies with this formidable launcher.
  • TNT Bundle: Carry a bundle of TNT for explosive surprises.
  • Firefighting Gear: Equip yourself with the necessary tools to combat fires.
  • Diving Suit: Dive deep into the underwater world, protected by this specialized suit.
  • Police Escort Emergency Kit: Be prepared for emergencies with this comprehensive kit.

Cosmetics & Gear:

In addition to the vehicles and weapons, Laendli Transport Mod offers several other exciting features

Other Features
  • dapper cosmetics
  • treasure icebergs
  • ruined tower variants
  • ruined tombsite
  • lonely gas station
  • ancient Laputan outpost – (very rare)
  • buried, otherworldly relic – (very, very rare – look for a tiny pit or spot of grey gravel and coral on the ground)
  • some mostly decorative mobs to inhabit the landscape

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Laendli Transport Mod (1.20.1):