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From the shadows Mod brings an ominous threat to the overworld and caves of Minecraft. Brand new mobs emerge that will test your combat skills and equipment to the limit. But with risk comes great reward – fell these foes to collect unique items and materials for crafting epic weapons and tools. This mod transforms Minecraft into a deadly battle for survival against supernatural enemies.



Nehemoth is the start off From the shadows Mod and is an insanely powerful mob that spawns rarely in caves. This brute monster tears you apart with devastating attacks.

When exposed to sunlight, Nehemoth hardens like stone and becomes unable to move. But when night falls or it enters darkness, Nehemoth springs to life once more.

Defeating this terror drops crystallized blood, which can be brewed into a special material.


Found in Lush Caves, Froglin leap around and swallow smaller creatures whole.

Killing Froglins sometimes drops their legs, which brews into a Potion of Leaping.


Clerics are Illager spellcasters that spawn in raids. They spread plague and confusion while attacking with deadly axes.


A beach and swamp-dwelling crustacean mutant. Despite their heavy shells and threatening attacks, Bulldrogioths are quite slow. They shoot coral spines to inhibit enemy healing.


Diabolium Armor:

Brewing Nehemoth blood creates a material called Diabolium. that can be used to craft Diabolium Armor.

Devil Splitter:

It’s effective when dealing with demons. It can be swang fast, crafted using Diabolium.

Thirst for Blood:

When you kill the enemy with a melee attack, the laser is loaded. use the right-click to fire it.

Crust Armor:

Crafted from shells dropped by Bulldrogioth.

Cleric Enchanted Mask:

Slaying clerics will drop Suspicious Cloth that can be used to craft the mask. Reduces harmful effects.


From the shadows adds new enchantments with unique effects to the game:

  • Retribution boosts damage to Illagers like Clerics.
  • Freezing adds frost damage.
  • Divinity improves harm against Nehemoth.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download From the shadows Mod (1.20.1):