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Axiom Mod is a new mod that allows you to edit Minecraft worlds in an efficient and honestly, more fan way. It has tons of features, like tools for building, terraforming, and sculpting.

What Does The Mod Offer:

Builder Mode:

The Builder Mode is an enhancement of the vanilla Creative mode that makes building easier and more efficient:

Hotbar swapper: This allows you to quickly swap between different hotbars, so you can have all your building materials organized and ready to go.

Flight speed slider: This allows you to quickly change your flight speed, so you can fly around your world more easily.


Capabilities are toggleable features that can improve your building workflow. They are located in the Builder Context Menu, which you can open by holding down Left Alt.

Some of the most useful capabilities include:

No Updates: This capability “freezes” blocks and adjacent blocks in their current state, preventing them from changing shape or appearance when you break or place blocks nearby.

Replace Mode: This capability allows you to right-click to replace the targeted block with the held block.

The Editor Mode:

The Editor Mode allows you to edit the worlds in a more efficient way. It includes a variety of tools and operations for large-scale world manipulation. Here are some of the features the Editor Mode offers:

Yes, we are still in Minecraft :)

Blueprints: a powerful tool for saving and loading prefabricated builds like schematics, but more optimized for searching and viewing.

History: This shows you how many and what operations you just performed. It’s like a visual aid to assist in performing undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) operations.


Axiom Mod presents a powerful set of tools for manipulating the world in real time. These tools are easily accessible in the top layer of the Tool window.

Shader Support:

Yep, you read that right this amazing mod supports shaders The highlights are a bit bright and you might want to turn them off while building, but honestly just having the ability to have them on with all what this mod offers is a miracle on its own.

We really don’t want to compare this mod to WorldEdit or other tools but let’s just say some drastic changes are coming to who dominates Minecraft World’s editing tools.

What is shown here is just a glimpse at what this mod is offering so you can check out the official mod Documentation for more details:

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Axiom Mod (1.20.6):