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The Glowing Tools Mod adds convenient glowing variants of all the standard tools in Minecraft, allowing players to easily see and light their surroundings while mining or building. This creative mod eliminates the need to constantly switch between tools and torches or install complicated lighting mods.

Overview Of The Mod:

The mod works by crafting a torch with any vanilla tool like a pickaxe, sword, axe, shovel, or hoe in the crafting grid. This creates a glowing version of that tool which provides dynamic lighting while held.

The glowing effect works with popular shader packs like BSL and Complementary using the required LambDynamicLights or DynamicLights Reforged mods.

After crafting a glowing tool, its durability, enchantments, and other properties function identically to the normal vanilla tool, except the glowing tool lights up the surrounding area like a torch. This makes mining in caves, farming at night, exploring underground, and other activities much easier.

Glowing diamond tools can even be upgraded to glowing netherite tools using a smithing table.

The mod also allows placing and picking up torches easily – sneak and right-click places a torch, while sneak right-clicking a placed torch picks it up, turning the tool glowing in the process.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API, LambDynamicLights
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Glowing Tools Mod (1.20.2):