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Mycelium Mire Mod is a mod that overhauls the mushroom fields biome in Minecraft. It adds new structures, mobs, and bosses to the biome.


The mycelium biome is now filled with a variety of different mushrooms, including puffshrooms, cordyceps, and brute bonnets. There are also new structures to be found in the biome.


There are two types of mushroom traders in the mycelium biome. The normal mushroom trader will trade items and mushrooms with the player in exchange for certain mushrooms. The fat mushroom trader is too fat to move (pls don’t cancel me) but will provide the player with four different mushroom cores that can be combined in a bowl to make something.


There are a variety of new mobs in the mycelium biome:

Puffshrooms are the most basic enemy type, as they will chase the player (up to 100 blocks away) and will sometimes spit poison when hit.

Cordyceps are minibosses with quite low health, but immense strength. They charge toward far-away players and have 3 types of attacks.

Brute Bonnets is a mini-boss that has a large amount of health and cannot move. They also have different types of attacks such as smashing its foot into the ground and causing a small explosion.


The Slime Queen is a mob that consists mainly of slime mold and moves around extremely quickly, being faster than a spider.

The Gigahand is a massive hand that sticks itself out of the ground and can be summoned with a lure. like other mobs, it has 3 attacks that are better if you explore them yourself :D. The pods burst into 0 to 3 Puffshrooms. The boss can only summon a maximum of 100 pods.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Mycelium Mire Mod (1.19.2):