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The Kobolds! Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds an underground civilization of kobolds. They are small, humanoid creatures that are often associated with mining and treasure. In This mod, kobolds can be found living in dens that spawn underground in a variety of biomes, including small, large, mountain, and pirate variations.


Kobolds are a race that is known for their love of tinkering. They are typically found living in underground dens, where they mine and scavenge for resources and they are breedable with Amethyst Shards! (Requires a nearby Warrior). 

kobold Rascal
kobold Engineer
kobold Enchanter
kobold Warrior

Kobolds can also be upgraded to warriors using an iron axe. Warrior will defend their homes from hostile mobs, but they do not trade.


Friendly ones can be traded with using emeralds. They offer a variety of items for trade, including food, tools, and weapons For example, kobold enchanters offer an alternate method of obtaining the Mending enchantment they also sell new potions and enchantments that are not available from other sources and Kobold Engineer offer other times such as coal and tools.

Pirate Kobolds:

They can be found in jungle biomes. Their captain will pay you in emeralds for desirable items like gold tools.

kobold Pirate
kobold Captain


The Mod adds a variety of new structures to the game, including kobold dens, kobold resting places, and pirate kobold camps. Kobold dens can be found underground in small, large, mountain, and pirate variations. Kobold resting places can be found in deserts and contain skelebolds. Pirate kobold camps can be found in jungles.

Small Den:

Large Den:

Mountain Den:

Pirate Den:

Kobold Resting Places:

Zombolds and Skelebolds:

When kobolds die to any zombie, they will turn into zombolds. Zombolds can be cured just like zombie villagers. Skelebolds can be found within kobold resting places in the desert.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Kobolds! Mod (1.20.1):