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The Earth Mobs Mod adds new mobs to the game, inspired by the mobile game Minecraft Earth. These mobs come with new items, blocks, and mechanics.

Added Mobs:

Muddy Pig:

The Muddy Pig is a variant of the pig that is covered in mud. To get mud fluid you need to craft a Mud Bucket. Muddy Pigs have a flower on their head that corresponds to a vanilla dye colo. This flower can be sheared to obtain dye. Muddy Pigs will turn back into normal pigs if they enter the water.

Moobloom and Moolip:

The Moobloom and Moolip are two new friendly mobs that spawn in the Flower Forests biome. Both mobs can be sheared to obtain buttercups, which can be used to craft suspicious stews.


The Cluckshroom is a friendly mob that spawns in mushroom biomes. It is a chicken with a mushroom on its head. Cluckshrooms sometimes lay Smelly Eggs, which can be thrown to give enemies slowness and a chance to spawn a baby Cluckshroom. Cluckshrooms can also be sheared to obtain red mushrooms.


The BoneSpider is a hostile mob that spawns in dark forests. They can shoot bone shards at their enemies, which can inflict various debuffs depending on the type of bone used and their Eyes can be used to craft a new potion called the Undead Body Potion, which turns the player into an undead.

Bouldering Zombie:

The Bouldering Zombie is a hostile mob that spawns in mountain biomes. It is a zombie that can climb up walls and other surfaces.

Lobber Zombie:

The Lobber Zombie is a hostile mob that can spawn in any biome and it can throw rotten flesh at its enemies.

Skeleton Wolf:

The Skeleton Wolf is a hostile that spawns in forests at night. Skeleton Wolves are stronger and tougher than regular wolves and They can be tamed and healed with bones or rotten flesh. Also In the Soul Valley, you can find another type the wither skeleton wolf.

Jumbo Rabbit:

The Jumbo Rabbit is a neutral mob that spawns in forests, deserts, and plains. It is a larger version of the rabbit and they also have more health and drop more rabbit hide when killed, They also always drop rabbit feet.

Tropical Slime:

The Tropical Slime is a hostile mob that spawns in the ocean. It is a slime that can swim and has a tropical fish inside of it. Fish can be placed in Tropical Slimes using a bucket.

Zombified Pig:

The Zombified Pig is a neutral mob that is created when a pig is struck by lightning.

Baby Ghast:

The Baby Ghast is a neutral mob that spawns in crimson forests. It is a smaller version of the ghast. Baby Ghasts can be tamed with Crimson Roots or Crimson Fungus. Tamed Baby Ghasts will follow the player around and shoot small fireballs at their enemies.

Earth Mobs Mod still has a lot of other mobs not covered such as the Melon Golem, Magame Cow, or the Fancy Chicken and all these mobs can provide new challenges and new sources of food and resources.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: Bagus Lib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Earth Mobs Mod (1.20.4):