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The Glasses Mod adds various stylish and functional glasses to the game. Players can wear these glasses in either the head or helmet slot, depending on whether certain mods are installed.


The mod includes several unique pairs of glasses that provide special effects or features when worn. For example, most of them prevent Enderman from becoming hostile when looked at.

Monocle Glasses – A single eyeglass, for an old-fashioned look.

Monocular Glasses – A single round magnifying glass, giving a scholarly vibe.

Sunglasses – Classic shades to block out the sun. Prevent Enderman hostility.

Beach Glasses – prevent Enderman from becoming hostile

The Detective Glasses – Prevent Enderman hostility.

Technical Goggles – Give mobs a glowing outline when activated.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses – Cute sunglasses in the shape of a heart. Enderman friendly.

Neko Sunglasses – Sunglasses with cat ears, for cosplay fun. Enderman friendly.

Triangular Sunglasses – Funky triangle shaped shades. Enderman friendly.

Summer Shades – Brightly colored sunglasses perfect for summer. Enderman friendly.

Winter Shades – Mirrored sunglasses to reflect glare from snow. Enderman friendly.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Glasses Mod (1.20.4):