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The Illager Additions Mod adds five new illagers to the game, each with their own unique abilities attack patterns, weapons, and skills.

Illagers Types:


The samurai is the fastest and most agile of the new illagers. He can dodge a large number of attacks, and his sword strikes are deadly, and is also able to parry attacks.

Illager Guard:

The illager guard is a master of the spear. He is highly skilled in ranged combat, and his spears can inflict a lot of damage. He is also a tough opponent in close combat.


The beamlogger is a powerful illager who wields a powerful beam weapon. This weapon can fire a continuous beam of energy that can destroy anything in its path. he can also make this beam rain on you!


The cowboy is a ranged illager who wields a gun. He is quick and agile, and he can roll around to dodge attacks also very accurate with his gun, and he can deal a lot of damage from a distance.


The shogun is the most powerful of the new illagers. He is a master of all the illager fighting techniques, and he is incredibly strong and durable. He also has a variety of special attacks, making him a formidable opponent.

Loots Drops:

Each one of them drops different loot mostly their armor but sometimes weapons with the Shogun with the best loot (tons of emeralds and his sword that can parry attacks).

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Illager Additions Mod (1.19.2):