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Sorcerium Mod (1.19.2) | Magical Items, Wands and Staffs

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Sorcerium Mod is a magical mod that focuses mainly on wands and staffs with its own leveling system. The mod also adds other magical things, such as magical mobs and items. Sorcerium is basically all you need for Minecraft’s magic weaponry.

Sorcerium Mod Wands & Staffs:

Sorcerium welcomes players into a world where wands and staff take the spotlight. Sorcerium’s magical tools are designed for simplicity, bypassing complex rituals in favor of crafting.

Sorcerium Mod 17 - FTM

We highly recommend the “Just Enough Items” mod for Sorcerium Mod’s crafting, it will act as your guide.

Sorcerium Mod Sorcery Level:

The Sorcery Level is a measure of your mastery of magic. The higher your Sorcery Level, the more powerful wands and staffs you can use.
To increase your Sorcery Level, you need to kill mobs with wands and staffs from Sorcerium. The more mobs you kill, the higher your Sorcery Level will become.

Sorcerium Mod 7 - FTM

Sorcerium Mod Items:

Just like Wands & Staffs, almost everything is craftable in this Mod As such getting your hand in the mod items is straightforward, some of these are purely for decoration

Sorcerium Mod 13 - FTM

and others have some unique features.

Sorcerium Mod 8 - FTM
Sorcerium Mod 18 - FTM

Sorcerium Mod Mobs:

Sorcerium adds a few new mobs to Minecraft. These mobs include:

Wandering Chest: A chest that follows the player around and can be used to store items.

Sorcerium Mod 3 - FTM
Sorcerium Mod 2 - FTM

Nature Element: A mob that spawns when the Nature Wand is used. It protects the player from harm.

Sorcerium Mod 6 - FTM

Boguslav The Sorcerer: The mod’s mascot. He doesn’t do anything, but he looks cool though.

Sorcerium Mod 5 - FTM
Sorcerium Mod 4 - FTM

Also, keep in mind that the projectiles from the Wands & Staff are not 100% shader-supported.

Sorcerium Mod 1 - FTM

How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Sorcerium Mod:

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