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As the dust of the Minecraft 1.20 “Trails & Tales” Update settles, it’s clear that the archeology theme only scratched the surface. but with Better Archeology Mod adding fossils, artifacts, and even new blocks and items the story changes.



One of the most exciting new features in Better Archeology Mod is the Artifact Shards. They are fragments of knowledge that can be found by breaking pots or brushing suspicious sand. Once you have enough Artifact Shards, you can craft them into an Unidentified Artifact which can then be analyzed at an Archeology Table to reveal their true identity.

Identified Artifacts give a variety of powerful enchantments. For example, the Tunneling enchantment allows you to break blocks below the one you’re currently breaking, while the Soaring Winds enchantment gives you a boost when using the Elytra.


Better Archeology Mod also adds a number of new blocks to the game. These include Fossiliferous Dirt, Rotten Wood, and Mud Brick Additions. Fossiliferous Dirt is a block that can be brushed to uncover fossil parts. Rotten Wood is a block that can be found in ancient structures there is also Mud Brick that can be used to build structures.


Another major new feature in Better Archeology Mod is the Fossil system. Fossils are complete skeletons of animals or creatures that have been gone for a long time. You can find fossils by brushing Fossiliferous Dirt at their specific sites.

Once you have found all the parts of a fossil, you can put them together it to create a complete skeleton. they can be used for decoration, or they can be activated to provide special effects. For example, the Sheep Fossil can be tuned and activated as a Noteblock to play some Goat Horn sounds.


Better Archeology Mod also adds a number of new items to the game. These include the Totem of Souls, the Totem of Torrents, Brushes, and Rusty Bombs. The Totem of Souls can be used to leech on some of the soul-energy of enemies. The Totem of Torrents allows you to dash like a riptide trident. Brushes are used to uncover fossil parts and artifacts. Rusty Bombs are throwable explosives that can be used for offense or defense

The Archeologist:

Introducing the Archeologist, a new Villager whose fascination with the long-lost structures of the Minecraft world knows no bounds. Engage in trading relics and other artifacts acquired during his journeys, ensuring that your emeralds fund his relentless pursuit of discovery.


There are tons of new structures that have traps loot, and fossils added by the mod here are a few of them.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric or NeoForged
How to install Minecraft Mods.

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