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Kawaii Dishes Mod adds a variety of new food sources and cosmetics to Minecraft. Inspired by the maid café theme, this mod allows you to create your own kawaii cat maid café in the game.

Food Sources:

The mod adds a variety of new food to Minecraft, including:

Coffee plants: These plants naturally spawn in the world and can be used to make coffee and are similar in function to the Sweet Berry Bushes, giving up to 3 Coffee Fruit.

Ice cream: There are 7 different flavors of ice cream to choose from, each with its own unique look.

Milkshakes: There are 7 different flavors of milkshakes to choose from. For example, chocolate milkshakes, berry milkshakes, and coffee milkshakes.

Brigadeiro and Beijinho: These are two Brazilian candies.

4 Cake Slices and 3 Cheesecakes

3 Cookies and 2 Special Cookies

the mod also adds Blocks to create the food we mentioned:


In addition to food sources, the mod also adds a variety of new cosmetics to Minecraft, including:

  • Bunny tails and ears: Jump Boost 1 and no fall damage is taken
  • Fox tails and ears: This set gives you a speed boost.
  • Cat tails and ears:  Gives you a Neko effect, which pushes creepers away.
  • Devil tails and horns: This set stops Piglins from attacking you.
  • Colored thigh highs: These items come in a variety of colors.
  • Shoes: 2 types
  • Colored maid dresses and tailed variations.
  • Colored headbands and eared/horned variations.
  • Bunny girl suits: These suits are not to be questioned.

Now I will spare you the eye bleeding and let you test the suits yourself :D

How to install:

Requires either Forge or NeoForged
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Kawaii Dishes Mod (1.20.4):