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Say goodbye to boring tasks and welcome the magical assistance of helpful faeries from the Helpful Faeries Mod. From rare glowing trees to mystical Altars of Kyrii, this mod brings a touch of magic and practicality to your Minecraft world.

Getting Started With The Helpful Faeries Mod

Discovering the Keptris Tree

Your journey begins with finding the Keptris Tree, which thrives in open fields. Its distinctive dark gray bark and striking white wood perfectly complement stone structures, making it a favorite among builders. you can also get the sapling using the Altar of Kyrii.

Unlike ordinary trees, the Keptris Tree requires a touch of magic to propagate. A special spell is needed to grow its saplings. To grow an Ancient Keptris tree in your world you will need to place it in top of the altar of Kyrii. (You can use Bonemeal to speed up the process)

Summoning a Faerie

First Craft a Faerie Oblation by infusing Lapis Lazuli into a Diamond using the Altar of Kyrii. The recipe is as follows:

To summon a Faerie, present the Faerie Oblation as an offering. Place it in the final slot on the right side of the Altar and wait patiently. Soon, a new Faerie will emerge. Remember, a gentle right-click on the base of the Faerie Woodling will release the faerie without breaking it.

Your helpful faeries need a place to call home. Craft a Faerie Lantern using Keptris Logs, sticks, and glass, and place it near their Keptris Tree.

How to Use a Faerie

Once you have summoned a faerie, you can give it commands by right-clicking on it with the item you want it to collect. For example, if you right-click on a faerie with wheat, it will go and collect wheat for you.

leave a chest somewhere near their lantern & place an item frame displaying what you’d like them to collect on it

Faeries can also be used to harvest crops and replant crops. They are a great way to automate your farm and make your life easier!

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Helpful Faeries Mod (1.19.2):