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Spice of Life: Valheim Edition Mod (1.20.1) | A Better Food System

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The Spice of Life: Valheim Edition mod for Minecraft completely overhauls the vanilla food system to work more like a proper survival game, taking inspiration from Valheim’s food slot mechanics.

 It is recommended to install a food addon like Farmer’s Delight to enjoy this mod to the fullest.

Spice of Life: Valheim Edition Mod Changes:

Whereas vanilla Minecraft’s food meter is unbalanced and hunger is just an annoyance easily solved by chugging stacks of bread, Spice of Life: Valheim Edition makes eating a more strategic and rewarding experience.


Similar to Valheim, you have three food slots that must be filled with different foods, each providing health, regeneration, and other benefits for a limited time before expiring. You cannot eat the same food again until its timer runs out, forcing diversity.


You start with only three hearts and must eat good foods to increase your health up to a full extra row of hearts. Well-fed players also get a slight speed boost. These effects are displayed when hovering over foods and after eating them above the hotbar.


This simple change balances many aspects of the game. You must plan when and what to eat instead of spamming bread. Survival is harder as you start weaker and must eat quality foods to improve your health.


Combat is more difficult as you only regenerate health after not taking damage for a few seconds.


Farming and cooking feel more rewarding since you must craft good meals instead of getting by with mediocre ones. Even cake finally has a use, providing a good portable source of multiple meals.


With the Spice of Life: Valheim Edition Mod you can reset your food slots by vomiting, triggered by eating rotten flesh.


Lastly the Spice of Life: Valheim Edition is highly configurable, allowing you to adjust the strength of certain foods, regeneration, and timers. (The config file is in the “sol_valheim” subfolder within the game’s main config folder.)


How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge, or Fabric
Mod Dependencies: Fabric API
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Spice of Life: Valheim Edition Mod:

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