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Epic Samurai’s Mod (1.20.1) | 3D Samurai Armor/Weapons

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culture? then you should give Epic Samurai’s Mod a try. This mod will let you craft and wear amazing samurai gear and fight against new mobs inspired by Japanese mythology.

What’s this Mod About?

Epic Samurai’s Mod is a mod that adds new 3D samurai armor sets and weapons to the game. You can craft different types of armor, such as Diamond, Netherite, and Jade. Each armor set has Different stats and also crafts various weapons, such as the Katana, Kama, Sai, and Shuriken.

Epic Samurais 2 - FTM
Epic Samurais 7 - FTM
Epic Samurais 6 - FTM
Epic Samurais 5 - FTM

What else does Epic Samurai’s Mod offer?

This Mod is not only about crafting samurai gear and weapons. It also adds new mobs to the game, such as Oni, Akaname, and Enenra. These mobs are based on Japanese folklore and have different behaviors and Even though they are still work in progress they still look really cool.

Epic Samurais 3 - FTM

How to Improve Epic Samurai’s Mod?

To improve this mod, you will need to install Better Combat Mod and TugkanDeMan’s Weaponry Mod. These mods will make the 3D model’s combat experience much better.

Epic Samurais 4 - FTM

How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge and GeckoLib, Patchouli, Curios API libraries icons8 box important - FTM
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Epic Samurai’s Mod:

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