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The Epic Paladins Mod adds new 3D armor sets to the game. These armor sets are more powerful and durable than the vanilla armor sets, With each one having its own unique look.

How to Obtain Armor and Tools:

These armor sets are made from four new ores: arclight, bloodstone, cryorium, and moonlight. You can find these ores at different levels in the world:

Arclight: Bedrock – Y30

Bloodstone: Bedrock – Y30

Cryorium: Bedrock – Y30

Moonlight: Y10 – Y40 (Nether)

Jade: Y40 – Y120 (End)

Once you have gathered all of the ores, you can combine them with templates in a smithing table to create the armor.

Also, the mod offers a lot of new tools with each Ore having its own toolset


How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric or NeoForged
Dependencies: Fabric API, GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Epic Paladins Mod (1.20.1):