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The Butchery Mod for Minecraft introduces a more engaging way to obtain drops from mobs and animals. Instead of simply killing them and collecting regular drops, players can use a Butcher’s Knife to harvest corpses that can then be further processed at a Butcher’s Table.

A More Involved Harvesting Process:

With this mod installed, players have an alternative to the regular mob harvesting mechanics. By using the Butcher’s Knife to deliver the final blow, mobs will drop their full corpse instead of standard loot. The corpse can then be hung from a hook and drained of blood before being cut into pieces at the Butcher’s Table to obtain meat, hides, bones, and more.

This multi-step process brings more realism and engagement to mob harvesting in Minecraft. No longer is it a simple case of striking down a cow and collecting its drops. The mod requires planning, equipment, and diligence to extract the most valuable resources from each mob.

Key Features:

The mod incorporates many cool features and mechanics to deliver an enjoyable butchering experience:

  • Butcher’s Knife: Crafted from iron ingots and sticks, this special knife causes mobs to drop their corpse when delivering the killing blow.
  • Meat Hooks: Sturdy hooks crafted from iron to hang mob corpses for draining blood.
  • Butcher’s Table: The centerpiece where corpses are cut up to harvest meat, hides, and other resources.
  • Blood Draining: Corpses can be drained of blood by hitting them with a knife while hanging from a hook.
  • Blood Collection: Blood Grates placed below a hanging corpse will collect blood drippings for later use.
  • Meat Cuts: Use the Butcher’s Knife on a corpse at the Butcher’s Table to cut it into usable meats, leather, bones, and more.
  • Cleaning: Sponges can be used to wipe up blood from the Butcher’s Table or floors.
  • Mob Compatibility: Currently works on cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats. More mobs will be supported in the future.
  • Mod Compatibility: Knives from other mods like Farmer’s Delight can be used for the blood-draining and butchering processes.
  • Chicken Wishbone: Craft a Wishbone with chicken corpse parts and infuse it with a Nether Star for ‘wish granting’ abilities!

Butchering Process Step-By-Step:

For those new to the mod, here is an overview of the full butchering process from start to finish:

1-Craft a Butcher’s Knife from 2 iron ingots and 3 sticks.

2-Kill a compatible mob (cow, pig, etc) using the Butcher’s Knife to obtain its corpse.

3-Craft Iron Hooks using 3 iron nuggets each and place them on chains or overhangs.

4-Right-click a hook with the corpse in hand to hang the corpse from the hook.

5-Use a knife to attack the hanging corpse, draining it of blood. Place a Blood Drain underneath to collect drippings.

Be careful it might get messy if you don’t use a Blood Drain.

6-Skin the corpse using the Skinning Knife

7-When skinned, take the corpse off the hook and place it on the Butcher’s Table.

8-Use the Butcher’s Knife on the corpse to cut it into pieces, harvesting meat, leather, bones, feathers, etc.

9-Use a Sponge to clean up any blood left on tools, surfaces, or floors.

Following these steps allows you to fully utilize the mod’s systems to get the most out of each mob harvest. With practice, you’ll be efficiently turning your livestock into useful resources.

How to install:

Requires Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Butchery Mod (1.20.1):