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Campfire Resting Mod (1.20.1) | A New Way To Change the Time

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The Campfire Resting Mod adds an interesting new mechanic to the game that allows players to change the time of day uniquely. This simple yet innovative mod does so by providing a new use for campfires.

How To Use The Campfire Resting Mod:

Specifically, the Campfire Resting Mod enables players to right-click on a lit campfire to open up a graphical user interface (GUI). Within this interface, the player can easily adjust the in-game time to whatever time they desire, whether day or night. This provides players with more control over the Minecraft day/night cycle.


Also, the campfire will be put out, so make sure you have that Flint and Steel on you for your next rest!

Campfire Resting Back Pain:

Interestingly, the mod also adds a small chance of receiving a “back pain” status effect ( 1 in 10 chance ) when using a campfire to rest and pass time.


How to install : 

This mod requires Forge
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

Download :

Remember to download only from official and trusted sources and follow our detailed guide for a safe and smooth installation process.

Download Campfire Resting Mod:

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