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Auto HUD Mod is a Minecraft 1.20.6 mod that dynamically hides parts of the user interface (HUD) that are currently not interesting. This can be helpful for players who want a clean and uncluttered view of the game world, or for players who want to focus on specific elements of the HUD, such as their health or inventory.


-Toggle the whole HUD with a key binding. 

-Have parts of the HUD that haven’t changed hideaway.

-Hide persistent, unchanging status effects, such as water breathing from the turtle helmet.

-Show remaining time of status effects.

-Highly configurable. You can configure which HUD elements are hidden, how they are hidden, and more. ( You will need to install YetAnotherConfigLib for this)

Here are some of the visual differences between Auto HUD Mod and F1 mode:

Player hand / equipped items remain visible. This allows you to see what you’re holding or wearing.

Player names remain visible. Keep track of who is around you.

The vignette remains active. Gives your screen a slight blur, which can help to create a better experience.

Incoming chat messages still pop up. 

Crosshair remains visible. This is essential for aiming and shooting.


Known to be compatible:

  • Dynamic Crosshair augments this mod by dynamically hiding the crosshair as well.
  • Raised works perfectly.
  • HUDTweaks mostly works. Vertical status effects bar does not work with the timer overlay. Animation direction and offset may have to be tweaked in AutoHud’s settings manually.
  • AppleSkin appears to work fine.
  • DetailArmorBar is supported.
  • BerdinskiyBear’s Armor Hud is supported in hotbar mode.

Known to be incompatible:

  • OptiFabric crashes due to mixin conflicts.
  • Any other mod that draws status effect timers should have that functionality disabled.
  • HUD elements created by other mods will most likely not be moved.
  • Bedrockify overwrites the status effect modifications. To get them working, disable the screenSafeArea mixin.
  • Running AutoHUD together with Exordium can cause visual issues

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Auto HUD Mod (1.20.6):