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THE UNDEAD REVAMPED Mod introduces new undead mobs into the game. These new mobs create a more challenging world for players to explore. With different strengths and weaknesses, these undead creatures will make you reconsider going outside at night!

Added Mobs:

The Bomber:
The Bomber has 30 health points, it can spawn anywhere in the overworld. Its attacks deal 3 damage, and it is resistant to knockback. With speed, it can catch players off guard. The Bomber’s explosive ability, coupled with jumping before detonating, will make it worse than creepers.

The Spitter:
The Spitter presents players with a new challenge. With 8 health points, it spawns throughout the overworld. Its attack power ranges from 4 to 30, and it is speedy. This zombie hides underground when no targets are in sight.

The Spectre:
In certain snowy biomes, players may encounter the Spectre. With thick armor and 35+ health points, this creature offers a higher level of durability. Its attack strength is 4, and it moves at a fast pace. The Spectre’s unique attributes include temporary invincibility and the ability to rush toward attackers.

The Moonflower:
The Moonflower is a demonic undead creature with 30 health points and an attack power of 4, It showcases incredible speed. It can spot players from afar.

The Hunter:
The Hunter has 16 health points, this undead can be found at higher elevations in the overworld. Its attacks deal 4 damage and come with a special self-recovery ability.

The Sucker:
With 15 health points and an attack power of 5, it can rush toward players, taking players by surprise.

The Horrors:
The Horrors (hate this thing), spaw across the overworld, with 45 health points and an attack power of 12, He is fast so be careful. He can also blind players and spawn decoys.

The Bruin:
The Bruin, a Viking variant Boasts 50 health points and has two special attacks. also when its health is lower than 45 percent it enters enraged mode gaining more speed and attacking more frequently.

The Wolf:
A companion to the Bruin, the Wolf adds further variety to Viking-themed encounters. With a health pool of 50 and attacks ranging from 2 to 5 damage. He has 3 attacks and you can stun him by hitting him after he finishes any attack.

The Ordure:
The Ordure has 25 health points. Its attacks include fire damage and the ability to spawn explosive fire crackles. it will attach itself to the sealing taking you by surprise.

The Wheezer:
The Wheezer has 25 health points and an attack strength of 3. Its attack consists of Exhaling pink fumes that obstruct vision and weaken the strength, fire will kill them instantly.

The Swarmer:
With 45 health points and an attack power of 3. it will throw bee boxes at you and deal area damage.

The Pregnant:
The Pregnant is a tanky one with 100 health points and 5 different attacks. Will Always spawns with 4 zombies and it possesses abilities to control other mobs.

The Bidy:
A lesser zombie variant Its unique abilities are burrowing and exploding on contact,

The Royal:
A Viking entity with 20 health. He will spawn with a pack of hunters under his command and have a full set of Bostrox armor making him resistant to physical damage. he is weak with his minion and if you manage to defeat him you will be rewarded with tons of loot (legendary weapon, ores, or even a totem of undying).

How to install:

Requires either Forge
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download THE UNDEAD REVAMPED Mod (1.20.1):