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VillageRevival Mod is a mod that aims to rework vanilla Minecraft villages in the Plains and Taiga biomes to give them a more vibrant look, improving exploration in the overworld. The mod revamps every structure in these village types, adding extra details and paths to make them feel more alive.

About The Mod:

With VillageRevival installed, the plain dirt paths in villages are replaced with gravel and coarse dirt to add texture. The paths now have fences and lanterns lining them as well, guiding players through the village. The mod also adds hay bales, carts, crates, and custom vegetation to bring more life to the area.

The buildings in the villages get considerable makeovers too. The houses have more depth with extra logs, stairs, and planks making up the frames. Doors are enhanced with leaves above them and lamp posts on the corners. Even the farms include more hay bales, fences, and lamps.




How to install:

Requires Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download VillageRevival Mod (1.19.2):