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The Glow & Behold Mod adds a new type of lantern to Minecraft. They can be filled with potions, giving them different effects. They can also be broken to create a lingering cloud with a stronger effect.

How to Craft Lantern:

To craft an empty lantern, you will need 8 iron nuggets. Simply place the nuggets on a crafting table in the shape of a circle, and you will have yourself an empty lantern.

How to Add a Potion Effect to an Empty Lantern:

To add a potion effect to an empty lantern, right-click the lantern with a potion in your hand. The color of the lantern will change to match the potion, and the lantern will now emit that effect in a 10-block radius.

Besides potions, you can also put milk inside the lantern to remove any potion effects you have when you enter the lantern’s radius.

Glow & Behold Mod Lingering Cloud:

When you break an empty lantern that has a potion effect, a lingering cloud will appear for about 5 seconds. This cloud will emit the lantern’s level 2 effect, which is twice as powerful as the level 1 effect.

How to Clean Lanterns:

If you want to change the potion effect or if you just want to remove it altogether, you can use a water bottle to clean it. Right-click the lantern with a water bottle in your hand, and it will be reset to its default state.

How to install:

Requires Fabric
Dependencies: Fabric API
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Glow & Behold Mod (1.19.3):