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Wild Lands Mod is a vanilla-styled biome and wildlife mod, aiming to expand the vanilla world, as well as add to it. This ranges from adding new plants and animals to existing biomes, and adding fully fleshed out new biomes, such as the Bayou! The mod aims to feel very vanilla in what is added, with many interesting aspects and behaviors for many of the added animals.

New Biomes/Trees:

The Mod currently includes 2 new biomes for players to explore:

Burnt Forest – A forest biome that has been ravaged by fire, leaving behind charred trees and ashy ground. This biome adds a unique post-fire landscape to the world.

Bayou – A lush, swampy biome filled with cypress trees, frogs, alligators, and other wetland wildlife. This biom features murky waters and provides a vastly different environment from standard biomes.

These new biomes help diversify the types of areas players can discover and inhabit.

Alongside this biome, the mod also adds 2 new Trees types:

Bald Cypress Tree:

Coconut Tree:

New Mobs:

Wild Lands Mod adds 11 new entities that inhabit the expanded world. These range from ambient wildlife to more hostile mobs:

Alligator – Large crocodilians that live in the Bayou. Babies avoid players but adults will attack if provoked.

Catsfish – Solitary fish that avoid the player. Help provide fishing opportunities.

Crabs – Generally passive mobs that live on beaches. Fighter variants with large claws will attack players.

Hammerheads – Ocean predators that circle their prey before attacking. They will target drowned mobs.

Anchovy – Small schooling fish found throughout oceans.

Octopus – Shy cephalopods that camouflage themselves when scared. They will flee if attacked.

Sea Lion – Intelligent mammals that catch fish and can be fed anchovies by players.

Jellyfish – Passive drifters that will sting players who get too close while swimming.

Grizzly – Bears that seek out food like berries, salmon, and honey. They hibernate after eating enough.

Extra Items:

Alongside biomes and mobs, The mod also adds new items to the game including food, blocks, and different vegetation:

How to install:

Requires Forge
Dependencies: TerraBlender
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Wild Lands Mod (1.20.1):