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Naturalist Mod (1.20.2) | Wildlife With Realistic Behavior

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Have you ever wished to experience an animal mod that mimics real-life animal behavior? Naturalist is here to bring your dream to life! From a functional food chain to a sleep cycle and tons of other fun behaviors, each animal comes with a personality of its own. Are you ready to venture out into the wild and experience a world teeming with creatures that the Naturalist Mod offers?

Woodland Wildlife Update

The Forested and Grassy Biomes now play host to a plethora of wildlife. From gentle predators to small crawlers, here are the new additions:

Bears: These gentle predators roam the forest, and as long as you don’t provoke them or go near their cubs, you’ll be safe. However, if you’re a Deer, beware!

image - FTM

Butterflies: These fluttering insects fly about, looking for flowers (and crops) to pollinate.

image 1 - FTM

Snails: These slow-moving creatures crawl around the forest floor aimlessly, just like real snails. Be careful not to step on them!

Naturalist 13 - FTM

Deserted Drylands Update

The Dry biomes, such as Savannas and Deserts, now boast eight new animals. From majestic giants to ferocious hunters, here are the new additions:

Lions: The rulers of the Savanna, these fierce hunters will go after mobs at night. Be careful though, as they won’t hesitate to fight back!


Giraffes: These gentle giants are tameable if you feed them a Golden Apple. They’ll allow you to ride them for 30 seconds, during which the radius of your maps is greatly increased. To breed them, use a Hay Bale!

Naturalist 9 - FTM

Elephants: These massive creatures mosey around, minding their own business, but they fight back when attacked.

Naturalist 7 - FTM

Hippos: Don’t be fooled by These cute hungry Potatoes that tend to stay near the water they will attack boats and any Players that go into their pool. To breed them, feed them a Glistering Melon or a Melon Block while they’re in the water.

There are many more animals to discover in Naturalist, and the best way to explore them all is by diving into the official wiki. From the vast savannas and deserts to the lush forests and grasslands, each biome is teeming with life and unique behaviors. Whether you want to ride on the back of a giraffe or watch fireflies light up the night sky, Naturalist offers an amazing animal experience like no other.

How to install : 

This mod requires either Forge, Fabric
Check out our detailed guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process :

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