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Have you ever wished to experience an animal mod that mimics real-life animal behavior? Naturalist is here to bring your dream to life! From a functional food chain to a sleep cycle and tons of other fun behaviors, each animal comes with a personality of its own. Are you ready to venture out into the wild and experience a world teeming with creatures that the Naturalist Mod offers?

Woodland Wildlife Update:

The Forested and Grassy Biomes now play host to a plethora of wildlife. From gentle predators to small crawlers, here are the new additions:

Bears: These gentle predators roam the forest, and as long as you don’t provoke them or go near their cubs, you’ll be safe. However, if you’re a Deer, beware!

Butterflies: These fluttering insects fly about, looking for flowers (and crops) to pollinate.

Snails: These slow-moving creatures crawl around the forest floor aimlessly, just like real snails. Be careful not to step on them!

Deserted Drylands Update:

The Dry biomes, such as Savannas and Deserts, now boast eight new animals. From majestic giants to ferocious hunters, here are the new additions:

Lions: The rulers of the Savanna, these fierce hunters will go after mobs at night. Be careful though, as they won’t hesitate to fight back!

Giraffes: These gentle giants are tameable if you feed them a Golden Apple. They’ll allow you to ride them for 30 seconds, during which the radius of your maps is greatly increased. To breed them, use a Hay Bale!

Elephants: These massive creatures mosey around, minding their own business, but they fight back when attacked.

Hippos: Don’t be fooled by These cute hungry Potatoes that tend to stay near the water they will attack boats and any Players that go into their pool. To breed them, feed them a Glistering Melon or a Melon Block while they’re in the water.

How to install:

Requires either Forge or Fabric
Dependencies: GeckoLib
How to install Minecraft Mods.

Download Naturalist Mod (1.20.1):