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The Rotten Creatures Mod introduces a wide variety of unique zombie mobs to Minecraft, each with its behaviors, spawn conditions, and drops. With so many new zombies to discover, surviving the nights will be more challenging and exciting than ever before!

Zombies List:


When a regular zombie dies in powder snow, it has a chance to respawn as the icy Frostbitten. These chilly zombies spawn in cold biomes and will attack any Burneds on sight. Frostbittens apply a freeze effect to players they attack, with the duration dependent on difficulty level. As they walk over water, they freeze it to ice just like the Frost Walker enchantment. Baby Frostbittens explode on death, creating a snow explosion and freezing any nearby entities.

In addition to standard zombie drops, Frostbittens drop Frozen Rotten Flesh which has an 80% chance to freeze the player for 15 seconds when eaten. It can also be cooked into normal rotten flesh. Defeating these frosty foes in snowy areas will be a unique challenge!

Undead Miners:

Appearing in caves and ravines, the Undead Miners come in four ranks identified by their pickaxe type: Stone, Iron, Diamond, and Gold. Each variant has its spawn chance, with Stone being the most common and Diamond being the rarest. Gold Miners replace Stone versions in Mesa biomes. These Rotten Creatures Mod zombies don’t have baby variants and are restricted by sunlight.

Based on rank, the Undead Miners drop different ores and materials making fighting them worth the trouble. While the Stone Miner is the weakest, the Diamond Miner poses a difficult challenge with better rewards!


The Swampy zombie lurks in swamps and behaves differently depending on its age. Adult Marshieds inflict blindness and poison when attacking while baby Swampy explodes into a poison cloud on death. They also receive a speed boost in water, making aquatic escapes harder.

These zombies have a 50% chance to spawn a lingering poison cloud when killed, so defeating them can be just as hazardous!


When a zombie dies in lava, it may respawn as a fiery Burned zombie. Three variants exist: Normal, Crazy, and Obsidian. All Burneds set entities ablaze when attacking and spawn in the Nether. Obsidian Burneds become immune to arrows and more resistant to water.

At low health, Burneds turn into the Crazy variant, increasing attack power and speed. Natural Crazy spawns are also possible, albeit rare. Drops include Magma Rotten Flesh which grants fire resistance or sets the player on fire when eaten.

Rotten Eskimo:

Rarely spawning in snowy biomes, the Rotten Eskimo applies a potent slowness effect to players and may carry a spear for longer-range attacks. Defeating this frosty foe can reward players with leather, rotten flesh, or raw/cooked cod.


Found in deserts, Mummies inflict hunger on hit and have a chance to spawn beetles when tracking entities. Ancient Mummy variants can summon flying beetles instead. These zombies have a distinctive Egyptian theme, dropping rotten flesh, paper, and gold nuggets, and will spawn 3 beetles on death.

Dead Beard:

As a pirate captain zombie, Dead Beard spawns extremely rarely on beaches and islands. He has high knockback resistance and can summon undead pirate reinforcements when moving about. Dead Beard also takes out a TNT barrel at low health, exploding after 5 seconds.

Defeating this epic zombie rewards treasure chests filled with rare loot.


Among the most powerful in the Rotten Creatures Mod is the Immortal, which spawns rarely during thunderstorms and possesses storm-related magic. Immortals can turn regular zombies into electric variants and get struck by lightning to restore health. They also gain speed and dash at low health.

Their rare drops include tridents enchanted with Channeling to control lightning against foes.

How to install:

Requires either Forge, Fabric, or Quilt
How to install Minecraft Mods.

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